Monday, August 9, 2010

August Sale and New Collections

Just as I was working on my August promo, a wonderful artisan over at Artfire, CCTexan3, suggested that we revive the Artfire Stimulus Sale this month.  Well, I love a sale and I especially love an activity that is fun so I jumped right in.

There are tons of great items on the AFSS pages -- from jewelry, to supplies, to vintage items, art work, beautiful photographs and prints, bath and body products -- the list just goes on and on.  Simply type in AFSS on "Search" and allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by the great discounts offered by so many artisans.  I have put up a few of my items on sale -- some discounted by up to $10.00 off their original price. 

Last week, Artfire also launched the Artfire Collections and members are now allowed to publish their own collections for everyone to see!  I've put up a few and in doing so, I've discovered just how talented the people on Artfire really are.  There are a lot of lovely things to choose from and as I made one collection, another idea for a new one popped right up.  Making the collections was a sure eye opener for me in terms of spotting talent on Artfire.  Here are a couple for you to check out:  Vintage Runway and It's About Time.

August looks like a super busy month for me.  I'll be putting up new items in my shop, visiting an interesting place in town that I will share with you and of course, I'll continue with posting the Four-Letter Words.  Hope the rains over here in Manila don't dampen my spirits!

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