Thursday, October 21, 2010

As If One Shop Isn't Enough ---

I decided to open another one on Artfire!

I had already signed up for a basic shop a few weeks before the Artfire $5.95 Deal was announced so I went ahead and opened. Initially, the shop was for my destash beads but then I got to thinking that it would be cool to offer supplies that are not easy to find.

So, I expanded the shop offerings and have included some craft materials and supplies that are made out of materials indigenous to the Philippines like abaca and sinamay and buri.  There are abaca mesh sheets to use for collages, mixed media work and even for wrapping up a gift --

Or pretty little sinamay flowers made by hand to add to your crafts stash --

I've also got some pretty gift boxes made out of mother of pearl--

    or gift bags made out of sinamay fiber

Think of all the decorating you can do with this roll of sinamay ribbon (in different colors!) --

And of course, being the bead and gem lover that I am, I could not resist including some freshwater pearls among the items for sale --

As well as a few pieces of select gemstones and crystals --

I'll be adding more new items regularly so if you want to take a peek and get a chance to purchase some unique craft and mixed media materials, do drop by The Bamboo Box on Artfire.

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