Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Try Something New: Wire Crochet

Last week, I faced the monster.  

I went head to head with one of my worst foes, the one responsible for nights of endless crying over a school project in home education that I could not untangle, the one who threw me in a panic each time the teacher drew out her shiny, steel crochet hook – I stood up and faced this bewildering craft called crochet.

I have been a longtime fan of wire crochet but had been hesitant to try it because – well, let’s just say single crochet and I aren’t really soul sisters.  But I did want to have a go at it.  I did want to find out if I could finish something – anything! – that involved a crochet hook and thread.  But, my vanity prevented me from trying it out sooner than I did – I was afraid that I’d end up with a crocheted wire piece so ugly that people would laugh at me.  

Then I figured that since my projects using cotton thread looked a lot like those using wire and that the tangled, almost irregular and textured look of wire crochet is what charms me most about it, I got up one Saturday morning and said: “Hell, yeah. Let’s do this.”

So here is my very first wire crochet necklace.  

My fingers hurt a lot after and it took me a loooong time to finish since I went slow and worked without a pattern to follow so I got lost a lot (LOL).  I also chose to use a soft, thin gauge wire as I thought it would be easier to handle and therefore less frustrating for me.   After an hour, it didn’t seem like such a monster anymore.  

I am, shall we say, quite HOOKED.


Bindu said...

It is pretty cool necklace. What gauge wire you used for the project?
I tried with gauge 24 craft wire and can't do much. Hope, you are going to do more crochet...

Sharlene said...

i used 24 gauge myself -- and found it hard at first (sore fingers and all LOL). keep trying -- it's actually fun when you get the hang of it.

alwaysdaddysgirl said...

I just started crocheting myself. I am more of a knitter

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