Sunday, April 25, 2010

Page One

I've always carried a notebook with me. I write most things down in it - to-do lists, phone numbers, notes to self, insights, rants. I also doodle in them - little sketches of people and places that I found interesting, designs for my jewelry, floor plans for my dream home, a dress I would like to wear, a pair of shoes that I would like to buy, scenes from last night's dream.

What will I write in this one you ask. I don't really know yet for sure. What I do know is that one part (yeah, I've always carried the kind with the little dividers) will be about everyday things and once in a while, everyday rants. Another will be about one of my passions and that is creating things by hand and it will also feature other artisans who have a passion for handmade. One section will take you traveling through places in my country, the Philippines, so you can see not only how beautiful it is here but also what our local artists and artisans are up to. There will be a section for four-letter words but these are not the kind of four-letter words you expect.

Go ahead - turn the page. Read on.

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