Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gaelic Forge

I just had to go look at it again -- one more time, this beautiful blue glass bead peeking at me from under its copper veil.

Blue Sphere Glass Pendant

There's something mystical about it. It's like staring right through the soul of a star.  I have never been so moved by a handmade piece until this.  Nor have I been more obsessed by a piece of jewelry!

Gaelic Forge is responsible for this.  Everything in this new Artfire shop looks like they were unearthed from an ancient site. 

Celtic Sea Glass Copper Pendant

And the manner by which these are made makes the "ancient" feel of these beautiful pieces stronger.  Inspired by Celtic design and lore, all the pieces are hand-forged from copper and the lovely patinas on the pieces are produced using methods of old. No paint is used to make the lovely colors on these distinctive jewelry -- just the natural reaction of metal to the elements, hastened by Gaelic Forge's own secret process.

Peened Celtic Nickel Earrings with a Flame Patina

Celtic Hand-Forged Copper Earrings, Flame Patina
While inspiration for the jewelry made by Gaelic Forge may come from days long gone, the pieces are very versatile and will go with that Renaissance gown  that you so carefully made based on a sketch of a lady's finery of long ago (and will wear with aplomb to an upcoming Renaissance Faire!) or with a more contemporary, more urban outfit. 

Copper Pendant with Green Verdigris
To me, many of the pieces are representative of the  processes of life, death and rebirth - a never-ending, upward spinning spiral.

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alwaysdaddysgirl said...

I agree, this jewelry is beautiful!

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