Monday, February 7, 2011

My Own Space

I do not have a dedicated space for making my jewelry. I either work on the dining table -- and it's a pain to have to pack up and keep my stuff when mealtime's a-coming -- or on my bed (which is a pain to my back!).  I keep fantasizing about what my studio (I love saying this word -- it makes me feel like some bigtime, fabulously famous artist LOL) would look like.

Perched atop my house, it has to have a lot of natural light -

From Genuine Style
And an awesome view  --

From Travel Blog

 It has to be roomy enough for all my stuff (beads, wire, paint, canvass, doodads and cookies!) but not too big -- I stand 5 feet flat and I want you to find me amongst my cookie tins (getting me to share is  another matter)

From LoftLife
Furnishings will be rustic and old and will have tons of stories to tell -

Image from the book Vintage French Interiors
Photo by Tang Chan

There will be a corner for creating


      And a quiet corner for me to rest

It will be my safe place, where I go to weave dreams and make them come true.

Of course you are welcome to visit.  Look, I've already picked out a special chair for you

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