Sunday, May 16, 2010


there are days when i feel i'm not really all here. when it feels like there is a vast distance between me and those i call family and friends.


sometimes it feels like i am living off-center - going through the motions as expected but cut-off from the core, from my higher being.  separate from the person that lives and breathes and feels pain and laughs and dreams inside me.

on days like this i prefer to be left alone. but there is no such thing for me - there is work and family and a million other things that one must attend to, that one must cater to.

i disconnect. i function but i'm not there.

(artwork: "Disconnect", original collage, S. Festin, March 2007)


Diane said...

I have that feeling to sometimes. I hope you find that desired solitude at those times *hugs*

sharlene said...

thanks diane! we carve out bits and pieces of it from our days no?

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