Sunday, May 2, 2010

Space to Create

i do not have a studio dedicated to my jewelry making or mixed media work.  i usually lay-out my supplies on the dining room table after everything has been cleared up and on the week-ends when i work in the daytime, i am sprawled on my bed with my materials laid out all around me.  i am quite a sight when in search of a stray bead or tube of paint that has somehow managed to roll under my pillow, or to have dropped under the table.  you'd think i was having some kind of seizure the way i turn this way and that and then back the other way.  after a long day of creating, my back feels like i carried a thousand sacks of rice uphill and my shoulders are all bunched up with tension.

that's why i dream of simple spaces like this one from bhg online:

a quiet place i can retreat to and be quiet like this one from the cottage nest.

or maybe even one whole tiny house out back like this cleverly converted garage also from bhg online

and if space really was an issue, i'd settle for this one above which is a really clever space saving solution from crafter's flair.

until then i will continue to lug my large suitcase and tote bags filled with my supplies and materials to what ever space is available for me to work in. but one can always dream - and believe in those dreams.

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