Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Four Letter Words: GOOD

(All the images in this blog post are from Blackbird72's shop on Artfire.)

You know you are.  You feel it.  Then it MUST be true.

Then the dream should happen -- soon.

Inside you it lives, despite the many, many, many times it's been knocked out. A little bruised, a little sore, it gets back up and insists on being born.

And yet sometimes you wonder, and many times you are afraid that what you are good at isn't good enough.

It is. Believe me.  You would never be given a talent, a skill, a passion, if you were not meant to live it.  It takes time though.  And many, many, many, buckets of tears.  And although sometimes you feel that you have cried it all out, you surprise yourself  by squeezing out a few buckets more each time disappointment and frustration blindside you.  And blindsiding you seems to be a pastime these little devils enjoy.

Sometimes, it just needs a little tilt of  the head, a slight squint of the eye, to discover how we are supposed to live it.  That's the way the Universe plays with us I guess -- it always answers our questions but never in the most obvious of ways.

But you are good at what you do.  Whatever it is.  And there will be no one like you who can paint that scene, snap this photo, raise your baby, bake that yummy cake, cook the best soup ever (yes, the kind with magickal powers that drives away fevers and colds), create this piece, hold his hand, walk your path.

You ARE good enough. Maybe even better than you think you are.  I'm saying this because I know.  I'm saying this because I feel what you feel - too often for my own comfort.  I'm saying this because maybe, by saying it, it will send out a ripple of hope and tiny sliver of strength to get you through those days when the sun just refuses to come up.


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photoadele said...

Thank you so much for the gorgeous feature. I do believe :D

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