Monday, July 5, 2010


I was stuck in traffic this morning and running awfully late.  Already I was thinking of how crappy this day was going to be. When all of a sudden I saw the most amazing thing --

About a hundred butterflies were flitting in and out of a tree close to where I was stopped.  I had never seen so many of them in one place.  I tried to see what it was they were hovering at or what was keeping them there but it was just the tree and nothing else.  I spent the next few minutes just staring at them, marveling at the sight (and kicking myself for not bringing my camera).  I wondered if anyone else noticed them and felt the uplift and simple, pure joy they brought.  Imagine, in the middle of the street, in morning rush hour traffic, a hundred or more of these wonderful, beautiful creatures flying around a lone tree as if to remind us that life isn't just about traffic and getting there on time because life is short and we must all take moments to just fly.

It was a crappy day -- I was right about that.  But I got through it. All because of that early morning sighting of a hundred butterflies.


EcclecticLadyLand said...

perfect way to start a day, with a crash and reboot =)

sharlene said...

LOL -- and another crash and reboot towards the end of it!

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